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Environmental Equipment

Hold Up

Hold up is the volume of liquid retained in the filling during operation.


An indicator showing the performance of the filling. The lower the indicator, the better the performance. It is varied according to the type and concentration of gas and, the type of filling and capacity of the cleaning fluid.


When there is too much cleaning fluid being spayed it fills the airspace in the filling, causing the gas flow to be
obstructed. The gas then tries to force its way through, causing the fluid to burst into droplets passed outside
with the gas. This phenomenon is called flooding.

Biological Deodorizing Tower

Porous ceramic is used in this deodorizing processing equipment where the carrier filled with living bacterias metabolize and decompose odors through oxidization.

Activated Carbon Absorption Tower

This equipment removes odors with activated carbon.

Cleaning Tower (Scrubber)

When polluted gas enters the equipment, water or harmful elements are neutralized by a chemical solution within the tower. They are then absorbed into a cleaning fluid and further neutralized so that a clean gas may be discharged. This type or cleaning tower is known as a scrubber.

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