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Corrosion Resistant Pump

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The pump broke when air entered it during operation. What can be done to prevent this?
Seikow Chemical Engineering and Machinery manufactures Dry-Run Protectors. It monitors the pump amperage during operation, so that if the pump is empty or air enters the pump it will automatically shut down operations to prevent the pump from getting damaged.
The pump wouldn't work even after it and its parts have been inspected in a periodic service. Is it broken?
Have you primed the pump? If the priming has done, it is probable that air may be in the piping, thus preventing the water from moving. The pump should work properly once the air is let out the system by setting the discharging outlet outside the pump.
Can magnetic drive pumps be exported?
Export permission must be obtained from Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry for pumps with fluorocarbon polymer sealed doubly or more, or seal-less pumps. Please refer to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Security Export Control Policy Division web page for details.
Do you want to know externals size of the pump to design the piping.
You can download external design specifications from our homepage. Please join the TEXEL club before downloading.
For other specifications, please contact the persons in charge at our offices.

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