Self-Prime Pump

Notes concerning Corrosion Resistant Pump

Texel Self-Priming Pumps can remove waste liquid from sumps and circulate chemical liquid in all kinds of machinery. Whether dealing with small or large flows, semi or highly corrosive substances these corrosion resistant pumps can efficiently cope with any types of work.


SEL Series

PVC Self-Priming Pump

Extremely corrosive resistant.
Excellent self-priming ability.
Wide range of applications

VEL Series

Sealing mechanism has no sliding section (Centrifugal Sealing)
Single mold epoxy acryl ate body.
Plastic base.
Small number of components.
Gas seal mechanism
The electric motor is protected from atmospheric conditions
Reversal prevention mechanism

SRF Series

FRP Self-priming Pump

Wide range of corrosion resistant properties
Excellent self-priming ability
Self-priming maintenance ability.
Exceptional structural integrity.
Many types of seals.
Component compatibility
Corrosive resistant coating.
External regulation.
Single bodied sleeve.
Long life
Long life seals

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