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Motor Direct Drive Type

The Sirocco Fan CES and Turbo Fan FTF models have standardized direct drives.
There are two types of direct action electric motor drives, the CES-D type has a universal electric motor while the CES-V has an electric motor with built in inverter. The FTF series is constructed so that the ventilator and electric motor shaft is combined. The FTF-MD model has a direct drive to the ventilator shaft with integral oil lubricated bearing box and the FTF-MC model goes through a direct coupling.

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FRPP Central Discharge Direct Drive Sirocco Fan

CES-V model 

CES-D model 

  1. Standardized central discharge
  2. Enhanced maintenance
  3. Excellent corrosion resistance
  4. Large reduction in maintenance work
  5. Identical circular flange suction and discharge ducts

FRP Direct Drive With Coupling Turbofan

Motor Direct Drive
FTF-MD model 

Coupling Drive
FTF-MC Model 

  1. Inverter attached
  2. Large reduction in maintenance
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Back pull out system (FTF-MD model)
  5. Space saving (FTF-MD model)
  6. You may select the type of electric motor for the performance required

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