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Deodorizing Device

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Biological Deodorizer

  1. Biological carrier
  2. Low running cost
  3. High deodorization performance
  4. Operation and maintenance is easy
  5. Safety excellency

Absorption Deodorizing Device (Activated Carbon Absorption Tower)

  1. Optimal use for low concentration odorous gas removal.
  2. Very economical as the removable absorbent material may be recycled and reused.
  3. Maintenance is easy as the only moving part is the fan.
  4. Easy operational Control and low cost.

SA Filter (Activated Carbon Method)

  1. The absorbent (activated carbon) and case are integrated and lightweight for easy installation and removal on site.
  2. Newly developed TEXELCOAL that removes compound odor in a single type is used as the absorbent (activated carbon).
  3. Exceedingly compact as the gas passes through three-dimensionally inside the activated carbon absorption tower (2~3 times faster than normal velocity).
  4. Low Motor Output keeps pressure loss low.
  5. Running time for hydrogen sulfide units 0.2ppm (odor intensity 3.5) is around 6~12 months.

Activated Carbon Filter For Rainwater Tank

  1. Large cost reduction is attainable
  2. Easy installation and removal
  3. Activated carbon may be recycled
  4. Can be tailor made for any situation

Chemical Cleaning Tower

  1. Economical chemical processing to suit most general processing factorys
  2. Compact horizontal method employed
  3. Complete processing without an absorption tower
  4. Fully automated

Overflow Rectifier (Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction Equipment)

  1. Environmentally friendly by reducing hydrogen sulfide concentration by 50~80%
  2. Extends activated carbon lifetime
  3. Concrete corrosion inhibitor reduces cost
  4. Environmentally friendly through noise reduction

Odor Resistant Covering

Dome Shaped Covering
Movable Type Covering
Flat Type Covering
Circular Tank Covering

Eliminator (High-Performance Mist Collector)

  1. High collection efficiency
  2. Small pressure loss
  3. Compact
  4. High corrosion resistance
  5. Lightweight

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