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Other Scrubber


Mist Separator

TMC Type

  1. High Capture efficiency
  2. Less Pressure Loss
  3. Compact Design
  4. Highly corrosion resistance
  5. Light weight

Nox Control Equipment

Nox-A Type

  1. Over 99% efficiency
  2. Stable performance

Nox-B Type

  1. High removal efficiency
  2. Easy maintenance
  3. Low price and economical

White Smoke Eliminator

RSC Type

  1. White smoke and gas are removed with water instead of a chemical solution. Removes 95% of 2μm white
    smoke particles (1.5 specific gravity).
  2. Water sprayed on the rotating section prevents clogging up with dust etc.
  3. Simple design makes the machine maintenance very easy.

Dust Eliminator

High Concentration Gas Treating Equipment

Specially Designed Exhaust Gas Treating Equipment

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