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Texel scrubber reliably and efficiently removes corrosive gases created from all kinds of industrial processes in the working environment, thereby contributing greatly to global environmental preservation.

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Eco Rotary Scrubber

ERS Type

  1. Low energy usage with high level of performance
  2. Easy maintenance
  3. Compact design
  4. Easy installation



  1. High removal efficiency design with the use of new packings and spray nozzles
  2. Compact space: 30% smaller than our previous model, TRS-F
  3. Easy-maintenance design
  4. High corrosion resistance wet packing scrubber unit
  5. Standardized cross-connection design of supply-water inlet

TRS-F Large Scale Series

  1. On site, assembly time greatly reduced
  2. FRP material for high anti-corrosive properties
  3. Easy to operate and maintain.

STP Type

  1. Compact package type
  2. FRP material for high anti-corrosive properties
  3. Highly efficient
  4. Improved easy maintenance

SYS-E Type

  1. Low tower and compact
  2. FRP material for high anti-corrosive properties

Spray Tower

TES Type Series

  1. Low energy, low cost due to direct liquid gas contact
  2. High level of performance maintained
  3. Simple construction means maintenance free
  4. Strong even with extended continuous operation

Bubbling Tower

SBS-F Type

  1. No clogging up
  2. Simple to operate and maintain
  3. Energy saving
  4. Compact design

Variable Airflow Bubbling Tower

SCB-A Type

  1. Adjustable aperture system
  2. No clogging up
  3. Compact design
  4. Simple to operate and maintain
  5. Energy saving

Indoor Installation Pre-processing Bubbling Tower


  1. Standard equipment includes a thermal sensor in the scrubber.
  2. The lower side of main body scrubber is made from SUS304.
  3. Standard equipment includes a low-pressure sensor.
  4. Standard equipment includes a water circulation sensor.
  5. Internal drainage pan alleviates leakage worries.
  6. Water circulation, backwashing water and water flow can be monitored from outside the cabinet.
  7. Temperature and low pressure can also be monitored from outside the cabinet.

Venturi Scrubber

Venturi Type

  1. Efficient dust removal.
  2. There is no clogging-up during dust removal with the Venturi Scrubber.
  3. Can process dust and gas simultaneously.
  4. Structured with a mist catcher setting allowing for cleaning.

Spray Tower + Jet + Scrubber

TTS Type

  1. Powerfully processes emissions of silane gas from the semi-conductor manufacturing process
  2. Effectively removes over 99.9% (our test results shows a dichloruracene entrance density of 20,000ppm is
    discharged at an exit density of 20ppm and over)
  3. Maintenance has been greatly improved; the maintenance cycle is from 3 months to 1 year. (Wet tower wall
    reduces crystal adhension that deposits special gas. Also a complete surface spray method removes gas and
    simultaneously prevents adhesion to the inside of the tower.)

Net Spray Method

NSP Type

  1. Highly efficient
  2. FRP material for high anti-corrosive properties

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